Tables of Season 5 (updated May 15 2018)

Here we will present the scoreboards of the two leagues Heavy and Original League (2 divisions). They will be updated aprox. once a week. For live coverage of the leagues please join our ICL Discord Channel.




RP= Rounds played, Pts=Points, W=Win, D=Draw, L=Loss, S+=Stars won, S-=Stars lost, S+/-=Stars difference,

Points from wars are given according to the following rules:
Won by war stars or percent = +3 points
Lost by war stars or percent = 0 points
Draw win on percent = +2
Perfect Draw = +1 point each per clan

Each team will face all the other teams once. This means that in a league with eight teams there will be seven wars during a period of seven weeks. After all rounds have been played the top 4 teams will face off in a playoff. Team 4 meets team 1 and team 3 meets 2. The winner from each match meets in a final.

If two teams end the season with the same amount of wins a winner will be decided by:
1) The team with the biggest + in star difference (sum of +stars and -stars).
2) Internal war result, winner of the internal war wins the division.
3) If a perfect draw in internal war the two teams will meet in a new match to decide who goes to the playoff.