The rules for ICL are as follows:

League Rules

  • TH breakdown in the heavy league is 9 TH11, 5 TH10 and 6 TH9 (9-5-6). To make it as fair as possible TH9.5 is considered TH10 and TH10.5 is considered TH11.
  • TH breakdown in the light league is 2 TH11, 5 TH10, 8 TH9 and 5 TH8 (2-5-8-5). Same rule applies here in regards to .5s. TH7.5 is considered TH8 all the way up to TH10.5 is considered TH11.
  • Points from wars are given away according to the following rules:
    Won by war stars = +3 points
    Lost by war stars = 0 points
    Won by percent = +2 points
    Lost by percent = +1 point
    Draw percent = +1 point each per clan
  • Each team will face all the other teams in the division once. This means that in a league with eight teams there will be seven wars during a period of seven weeks. After these seven weeks the league winner will be the team at the top spot. If two teams end with the same amount of wins the winner will be decided by:
    1) Internal war result, winner of the internal war wins the division.
    2) If a perfect draw in internal war, the division winner will be decided by the largest +/- rating.
    3) If a winner can’t be decided given the rules above then both teams will be considered as the division winner. If the teams want to decide the winner by an additional war we won’t stop them.
  • If a division, i.e. the lighter one, has fewer teams than the other ones they might face the other clans two times each.

Preparation/Planning Rules

  • Each clan will appoint two captains that will take the responsibility for their clan, i.e. reporting results and establishing an agreement between the clans before war.
  • The preparation time, war length time and exact breakdown for each war should be decided by Thursday the week before the war starts. Clans should try to agree on the decisions above in a friendly way so that nothing is unclear when Monday arrives.
  • All clans will war on the same day just to make it easier to plan, the clan captains will have an easier time and also the participants should have an easier time to plan their hero upgrades. The fixed war day will be Mondays.

War Rules

  • You are NO LONGER allowed to exchange any towns in regards to TH level, i.e. swapping a TH9 for a TH11, after the final agreement around war breakdown has been decided. Changing a TH for a higher or lower TH will automatically give the clan that swapped TH -2 war stars for each swap. This change has been introduced because the old system had room for abuse. Example:
    Thursday: Clan A and B decides on 2h preparation time, 24h war lenght and TH breakdown 9-5-6.
    Monday: Clan A sends a friendly war request to clan B and honors all of the above. Clan B accepts the friendly war request but has a TH breakdown of 10-5-5. Clan B is penalized with -2 war stars due to exchanging one TH9 for a TH11.
  • If your clan can’t war before deadline they will forfeit. The loss will be 60-0 (100%-0%) if your opponent can’t find another acceptable war day that will fit their war schedule. Accepting a war day after the deadline is not mandatory.
  • War results should be reported by both clans in a special LINE chat. Ideally this is done by the captains of each clan. The report should be a screenshot that clearly shows both the stars and percent from the specific war.

Clan Rules

  • Clans are allowed to collaborate to be able to fulfill the TH breakdown they’re signed up for. However, it should be very clear which clans that are collaborating with each other and this should be established before a new season begins. No adding additional clans midway through just to get the upper hand.
  • A player that has played for an ICL clan during a season is not allowed to participate in wars for another ICL clan in the same season. Changing ICL clan before the next season is considered alright though. The league administrators will not check this at all, the teams will be responsible to keep this under control. The consequence of not following this rule will be that the player’s attacks will not be counted in the final score and his/her town will be considered as three starred.
  • If a clan is caught cheating they will be banned from ICL. Espionage, mod or anything similar is not acceptable.